About the film

It all began with a casual conversation with my neighbors, John Quinn and Charlie Dyson, They kept on telling so many good stories. I knew I couldn't’ remember them all, so I talked them into telling their stories on camera.

And that’s how it began. They, and others, told me stories, I listened, and before I knew it I had hours of tapes going back to the early 1900’s. And then I got curious about Carolina in the 1800’s.

A quick visit to the the Rhode Island Historical Society and I found the Hazard collection…..boxes and boxes of letters, articles, records, pictures…and then more elsewhere in people’s homes and in libraries…like pieces of a puzzle scattered on a table top, the material slowly came together and formed a story of a town.

And seven years went by… And now it’s done. A film about Carolina, RI. 1840-2009. Enjoy !