Film Reviews

"In addition to my historical interest in the film, I found I was emotionally moved by it. At the close of the final chapter, in which images of the original homes are juxtaposed against the properties today, while the question is asked ["will you be the next to dreamer?"], I was moved to tears. It is a beautiful film, and a worthwhile look back at an important time in Rhode Island's history."

Lori Urso, Director, Pettaquamscutt Historical Society

"A winner..warm and important story."

Ted Widmer, Head of the John Carter Brown Library, Brown University

"Ricci's Carolina takes Rhode Island's famous industrial history to South County and brings to light the fact that social justice, civil disobedience and utopian ideals were alive and well, yet fragile and fraught, in 19th century Rhode Island. It's an intriguing and eye-opening look at a Rhode Island many people thought they knew."

C. Morgan Grefe, Ph.D., Director, Newell D. Goff Center, Rhode Island Historical Society

"(the) chapters are immediately captivating, rich in images and stories.."

Carl Nold, President, Historic New England

"Attention to detail is amazing!"

Michael Corrente, Filmmaker

"Ricci is a first rate filmmaker..."

Joe Kernan, Cranston Journal

"The strength of Ricci's film is denying the nostalgic impulse,simplicity,or a mere oral history and instead pushing for a broader exploration of the historical and economic factors"

Brett Warnke, Time Out section, Narragansett Times, 2010

"Fabulous,stupendous,professional, informative and so much more."

Sandy Neuschatz, President of the Pettasquamscutt Historical Society

"The local and the global ingeniously intertwined."

Catherine C. Fraser, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

"This film is a complete transport into the past."

Kelly Sullivan, Author, "History, Mystery and Lore of Rhode Island"

"It is fantastic."

Anne Doyle, Quonochontaug Historic Society

"Mighty mills and factories, but no jobs for my people, the Narragansetts, owners of the land on which they stand."

Paula Dove Jennings, Oral Historian and Curator of the Tomaquag Indian Museum

"The reviews are in - entertaining, nostalgic and delightful"

Charlestown Historical Society

"I so loved your film - it was wonderful. I thought the ending was really powerful and pulled us all into the future..."

Laurie Cobb

"...the research and the obvious caring of the Riccis for the smallest of the small that shines through in the film. In many ways, how personal, how inclusive the film is. Not only a history of a small town but an important history of a forgotten place, a record of economic boom and bust but the accompanying human condition Poverty and Hunger in the Carolina Area: some recollections..."

Stan Cobb, Professor Emeritus, URI

"It was an exquisite film. Many reminders, many new things I did not know."

Larry Webster

"Your film is excellent. And I learned a lot. Chapeau bas!!!"

Krystyna Kasman

"I learned a great deal about the historical past of the village and I loved that but I have to say that Charlie Dyson stole the show for outstanding piece of journalism!"

Patty Pierannunzio

"The film was terrific and it was great to see the local reception. You can be very proud."

Catherine Clarke

"...people left the building smiling, shaking their heads and chattering about how magnificent the film was..."

Pam Lyons

"STANDING ROOM ONLY! Gonna hafta work on a larger venue...Civic center?"

Alex Furst